then I would be the brilliant woman behind Luxirare.

My dear friend Roger just introduced me to this great site, Luxirare. I was literally speechless the first time I looked at the photos. I don’t know much about this woman, except that there is nothing she can’t make amazing. Just peruse the site a bit and you will be equally amazed. She posts about fashion and food, so for those of you not interested in one, don’t worry – she will wow you with the other. And possibly convert you to become a foodie/fashion hound. Whichever you currently are not. Here are a couple of pictures to whet your whistle.

The YSL cage bootie was her inspiration for the exquisite (for lack of a better word) chain jacket. In this post she walks through the process of creating a chain jacket. It is absolutely mesmerizing to witness.

The likelihood of me ever being able to own this Comme Des Garcons jacket (which has 2 sets of sleeves!!) is about the same as me ever being able to poop a gold bar.

I seriously would have just reposted everything on her website if I could. I want to be this woman… or at least have her closet. And her creative mind at my disposal.


3 responses to “then I would be the brilliant woman behind Luxirare.

  1. love her pho-tog-raphy. those clothes are amazing.

    and those shoes.

  2. Good find. I love her one about Raclette Cheese (like at Burough)…. so DER-icious Her quote: “Many women substitute sex for food, I am one of those women who substitute sex for CHEESE.”

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