When all of my prayers were answered:

Last year I finally learned the answer to every girls’ biggest makeup conundrum: eyeshadow first, mascara second; or mascara first, eyeshadow second? OMG, big issue, right? The problem with the former is that you get those smudges of mascara all over your eyelid, thus forcing you to ruin your meticulously applied and expertly blended eyeshadow when attempting to remove said smudges. My method of removal has always been to dab away the smudges with a damp Q-tip, but this inevitably wipes away the eyeshadow. The issue with the latter is that the mascara’d lashes get in the way of properly applying your eyeshadow, and you get powder and glitter or whatever you are applying to your eyelids all over your eyelashes. Not a good look.

Now for the solution: a clean mascara wand. Voila!

First, apply your eyeshadow, eyeliner, whatever. Then, mascara. Last, after the mascara has dried, gently flake off the smudges left behind. The bristles on the wand scrape off the mascara without disturbing your artful shadow work.

BONUS: I swear by drugstore mascara brands. Honestly, no need to spend $23 on Lancome. Just get L’Oreal Double Extend. You are welcome.


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