Rodarte x Target was the highlight of. my. LIFE.

Ok, not including the Lady Gaga concert a couple of weekends ago.

Have any of you seen it yet (Rodarte x Target, that is. I’m not talking about Gaga anymore.)? It was overall phenomenal and exquisitely done. I can feel the sisters love oooozing out of every well-crafted piece of the collection. By far Target’s most exciting collaboration yet. If you didn’t get to Target or early on Sunday morning, then I hate to say it but you probably missed out on your chance to own a bit of this collection (at least the best pieces). Even I had a nagging feeling that I would miss out on some of the greatness because I arrived there at 10am and not 8am when the doors opened. Imagine how quickly my heart fell into my stomach when I heard that the line had been in stores for A FEW DAYS ALREADY?! Then I really got hectic about grabbing everything I saw. I mean, I was already at least three days behind! I think it turned out okay though and I got everything I would have wanted, but I am still just kind of really pissed off that it was advertised that the line would be released on Sunday and the stores didn’t follow that protocol. I don’t live near enough to a Target to pop over there anytime I want so I feel a bit cheated. But I am getting over it, bit by bit, every time I put on a new article of clothing :)

Wanna see what I got? Only if you promise not to get jealous or break into my closet!

This dress is cuteness perfected.

So is this one.

Exquisite. So pretty.

I can be found in this dress on NYE.

I got this dress in a cream colour, but they didn’t show it online at Target.

So cool and ethereal. Though I must say I despise the yellow top paired with it.

This top is way more fantastic in person (bikini not included).

Wore this today – tons of compliments!

I got this cardi in nude. Again they didn’t show it online.


I bought this one with my sister in mind but fully prepared to keep it for myself if she didn’t fancy it. But of course she loved it because I am her personal shopper and I never steer her wrong. However, I did negotiate visitation rights.

*Disclaimer: I will not be seen wearing any of these items with the biker boots shown in the photos above. No one asked me how to style the clothing, obviously.*

Thanks Target (pronounced: tarjay) for all the phots!


4 responses to “Rodarte x Target was the highlight of. my. LIFE.

  1. brave post. you just publicly admitted to buying all that!! what if mom and dad check your blog!?

  2. I can attest to this being the highlight of her life. She proved her point when some other gal tried to nab a shirt of hers.

    Let’s just say Hill got the shirt back.

  3. I tried online & they were already sold out!!! :(

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