Anthropology vs. Anthropologie

Remember a few days ago when I posted about the cute books at Anthropologie? Guess who got a couple of them for her last night of Chanukah present?? You’re damn right it was me! I also received a super sweet hour glass. It is so pretty and will look nice with all of my other trinkets and touch-me-nots. Great addition. AND that’s not it. The wrapping of the present, in and of itself, was a gift. And by this I mean: fabulous ribbon (A gift for your gift.). I have a ribbon collection and this particular bow is going straight into it. Now let me relate all of this bragging about materialism back to the title of my post: all of these things were either purchased at, or courtesy of Anthropologie. Now my question is, why can’t anthropology be as fun and interesting as Anthropologie?


2 responses to “Anthropology vs. Anthropologie

  1. I believe it was a “present for your present”….

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