What a coincidence!

So right now I’m re-watching last week’s episode of Gossip Girl (“The Debarted”) while simultaneously perusing I’mNotObsessed and at almost the exact same time I was bombarded with the image of this Escada coat, first on Blair (on the television) and then on Rachel McAdams at the London premier of Sherlock Holmes (on my computer screen):

I don’t believe I’ve mentioned my “thing” for coats yet, so…people, I have a “thing” for coats. I love love love an amazing coat! There are so many exquisite possibilities with coats: fabric, colour, draping, pleating, length, lining, the list goes on. I’m sure there are possibilities I can’t even imagine. And then there’s the notable fact that in this weather, your coat is often the most noticed part of your outfit. Basically what I’m saying is that coats are very fun and very important, and obviously I’m  dying over this one. It is from Escada’s Fall/Winter 2009 line, and neither of these pictures show it, but the pleating on the front is also present on the back, and the beautifully draped collar also functions itself into an amazing stand up collar. Unfortunately, Escada just filed for bankruptcy in August so I don’t think we will be seeing gorgeous creations such as this from the fashion house anytime soon. Or ever. :( Here’s an image of the coat as it went down the runway:

Images via: gossipgirlshow.com, imnotobsessed.com, and coolspotters.com. In that order.


3 responses to “What a coincidence!

  1. Sadly the Escada coat was the only amazing fashion in this episode… all that houndstooth on Blair seems illegal. On the topic of coats…. I just bought the Stadium coat from your store and I hope you approve!

  2. Hiiiillary, so I (creepily?) always read your blog which I LOVE – and I also happen to work at French Connection, which I also love…may I suggest this sassy little number for a fab coat on a budget?!? http://usa.frenchconnection.com/product/womens+coats+and+jackets/70XC2/song+bird+coat.htm

    • Always reading my blog is never creepy Little J! Thanks for the tip on the coat…I LOVE the collar! Too bad it’s sold out, a la allllll of the Rodarte stuff :(

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