O de la R

So when I first started viewing the slideshow of Oscar de la Renta’s Pre-Fall 2010 Collection, it was about midnight and I couldn’t fall asleep. Leeeeet’s juuuuust saayyyyyy, I didn’t get to sleep anytime soon after viewing it. As Oscar himself said, “You have to make a woman fall in love with your clothes.” Turns out he blindsided me with love because I think I stayed up AT LEAST another hour imagining myself frolicking around in his sumptuous creations and becoming his muse (can’t you picture it too??). I don’t even remember falling asleep. And that, my friends, is love when it comes to clothes. If you can’t recall this feeling, think back to your first crush EVER. Remember how sick to your stomach you felt when you thought about him/her? Remember wanting to cry if they didn’t reciprocate the feeling? Remember laying awake at night and next thing you know it’s morning? THAT was me Sunday night. Or maybe it was Monday. I can’t remember BECAUSE THAT’S LOVE. .

My favorite pieces are the evening gowns because I’m a goddamn princess at heart (Sorry about the swearing; I just watched Love Story last night and can’t stop myself from channeling Jennifer Cavilleri), but below is everything I loved most. Can I point out how wonderful the use of hair accessories, scarves, and make up is?? This collection is just so cohesive I can’t stand it. To view the runway from start to finish, click here.

I love the shadows in this shot above.

Thank you style.com, for the images, and for stopping my heart with amazing runways daily.

So now I’m just working on getting a few invites to some supa glam parties next fall where I can wear the goodies from O de la R’s line. Oh, that, and anatomically securing a gold bar or 30 so I can purchase said goodies.


One response to “O de la R

  1. Omg, the green dress and coat are to DIE for!!! Shit a few extra bars out for me, please.

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