Did anyone watch The Biggest Loser finale on Tuesday? I’ve been watching the show fairly regularly this season, and one of the standout contestants was Shay. She is a social worker from Newport Beach and has been through a shitload of messed up things in her life (which contributed to her weight gain), but she persevered through it all and built herself good life. Very inspiring stuff. You can read all about it at Now let me get to my point: At nearly 500 pounds, Shay is the heaviest contestant The Biggest Loser has ever had. Not surprisingly, she wasn’t able to lose all of the weight during the course of one season, so at the finale, the show invited her to come back as an “at home contestant” in next season’s finale. This is very cool because it will keep her motivated and on track to lose the rest of her weight. But that’s still not my point. My point is this: Subway offered Shay a liiiiittle incentive to keep workin on her fitness…they are going to pay her $1000 for every pound she loses between now and next season’s finale. Holy shit! Do you realize what that means?? THIS CHICK LITERALLY POOPS GOLD BARS.


Shay, if you need any assistance, aaaany assistance at all, figuring out what to do with the money Subway gives you… I can help.

P.S. You go girl.


One response to “OMG. WTF.

  1. love this one! lol. go shay!

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