then I would get a style transplant with Leigh Lezark.

Yes, I’m creepy, thank you. But this girl is f*cking amazing, so I’m really not bothered. Leigh Lezark is a third of the DJ trio known as the Misshapes, a model, a bit of an actress, and a growing fashion icon with great hair and stunning eyes. Girl crush? Yeah, but I’m probably more jealous than anything. I mean, she was even on a episode of Gossip Girl! I totally wanted to hate her because of that, but I just couldn’t. I love her minimalistic approach to styling herself; she rarely accessorises her outfits, and rather just lets the clothes do the talking. This works for her because a) she has exquisite taste in clothing, and b) her dramatic eyes and trademark hair style are kind of like built in accessories. I like of think of Miss Leigh as a walking museum: you don’t hang a bunch of other pictures next to the Mona Lisa, so why should Leigh put on a bunch of bangles and shit?! All the Mona Lisa needs is a nicely complementing (but not too distracting) frame to hang in, which is what footwear is to Leigh Lezark. Now let’s all take a moment to drool…

There is one more photo of Leigh that I am dying to post (and was actually the image that inspired me to share my love of her with you all today). I originally saw it on Tavi’s blog, and then I spent a couple hours (nbd, I wasn’t busy) looking for it on Jak & Jil (where it was originally posted) but I couldn’t find it. Le sigh. Sooo instead I will just link you to Tavi’s post with the inspirational photo. Here. You will know it’s Leigh by the sumptuous peacock coat she is enshrouded in. I die.

P.S. You should also read Tavi’s blog. She’s adorable. And so much wiser than her years. But don’t stop reading mine.


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