I would wear my top three.

Three months ago my friend Alexis asked me a really difficult question: “If you could only wear one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be?” After I slapped her in the face for even suggesting such a thing, I got to thinking… who would it be?? So three months and many nap-less afternoons later, I think I finally have an answer. Bear with me though, because I was only able to narrow it down to three designers and my selections of course only pertain to my style at this point in my life, meaning I reserve the right to edit these categories and the finalists. Here we go…

Designer 1: The Row

I chose The Row not because I’m an MK&A nut, but because I really do adore these clothes for their ability to make basics exciting. If you’ve never seen The Row in person, I suggest you toodle into Barneys and take a peek. They are SO well made that you can feel the loving care ooze out of every stitch that went into each garment. Seriously beautiful stuff. So this would be my go-to designer for the basics.

I apologize for these rubbishly small photos.

Designer 2: Chloe

!!!!!!I LOVE CHLOE!!!!!! Always have, always will. No matter how lack-luster the runway may become under a newly appointed artistic director (ahem, Hannah MacGibbon), I know that I can still rely on the fashion house to remain true to it’s iconic aesthetic and will eventually rebound with a new artistic director, a la the likes of Phoebe Philo. So, as my day-time-wear-designer, Chloe would outfit me from work to play, with all of my (non-basic) clothing, shoes, and handbags. As well as my first born daughter’s name (or the family dog’s if I get stuck with all boys).

Chloe Spring 2010 RTW

And now for the Evening Wear category of our program….

Designer 3: Lanvin

I just want to squeeze Alber Elbaz (artistic director of Lanvin) every time I see him. The man is a genius. And he’s adorable. I want to go shopping with him and then play dress up and then go to a fabulous dinner party together where everyone will oooo and awww about how precious he looks on my arm.

I, personally, would sport this look sans nipple.

Hi Alber!

Lanvin Spring 2010 RTW


6 responses to “I would wear my top three.

  1. Ah yes, The Row. If only you could have been at the Billion Dollar Babes warehouse sale…racks and racks of it. I <3 Chloe too my love. Glad Kel introduced me to your fashion musings. My only question is, why wasn't I introduced sooner?

    • Noooo I don’t wanna hear that I missed out on something like that! Sorry I didn’t inform you sooner…I just recently got into fame-whoring myself. hah!

  2. i was really hoping for a picture of that man albert. you did not let me down. :) love the post.

  3. I would give up my first born to own something by lanvin. Okay extreme but you get the point. Alber in his bowties… precious!

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