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Ess by See

I love^10 this See by Chloe blouse, so it’s no wonder that it’s called “The Favorite Chloe Blouse”. Just try to envision it without the skanky pirate pants…

Thanks Shopbop!


then I would be the brilliant woman behind Luxirare.

My dear friend Roger just introduced me to this great site, Luxirare. I was literally speechless the first time I looked at the photos. I don’t know much about this woman, except that there is nothing she can’t make amazing. Just peruse the site a bit and you will be equally amazed. She posts about fashion and food, so for those of you not interested in one, don’t worry – she will wow you with the other. And possibly convert you to become a foodie/fashion hound. Whichever you currently are not. Here are a couple of pictures to whet your whistle.

The YSL cage bootie was her inspiration for the exquisite (for lack of a better word) chain jacket. In this post she walks through the process of creating a chain jacket. It is absolutely mesmerizing to witness.

The likelihood of me ever being able to own this Comme Des Garcons jacket (which has 2 sets of sleeves!!) is about the same as me ever being able to poop a gold bar.

I seriously would have just reposted everything on her website if I could. I want to be this woman… or at least have her closet. And her creative mind at my disposal.

When all of my prayers were answered:

Last year I finally learned the answer to every girls’ biggest makeup conundrum: eyeshadow first, mascara second; or mascara first, eyeshadow second? OMG, big issue, right? The problem with the former is that you get those smudges of mascara all over your eyelid, thus forcing you to ruin your meticulously applied and expertly blended eyeshadow when attempting to remove said smudges. My method of removal has always been to dab away the smudges with a damp Q-tip, but this inevitably wipes away the eyeshadow. The issue with the latter is that the mascara’d lashes get in the way of properly applying your eyeshadow, and you get powder and glitter or whatever you are applying to your eyelids all over your eyelashes. Not a good look.

Now for the solution: a clean mascara wand. Voila!

First, apply your eyeshadow, eyeliner, whatever. Then, mascara. Last, after the mascara has dried, gently flake off the smudges left behind. The bristles on the wand scrape off the mascara without disturbing your artful shadow work.

BONUS: I swear by drugstore mascara brands. Honestly, no need to spend $23 on Lancome. Just get L’Oreal Double Extend. You are welcome.

Rodarte x Target was the highlight of. my. LIFE.

Ok, not including the Lady Gaga concert a couple of weekends ago.

Have any of you seen it yet (Rodarte x Target, that is. I’m not talking about Gaga anymore.)? It was overall phenomenal and exquisitely done. I can feel the sisters love oooozing out of every well-crafted piece of the collection. By far Target’s most exciting collaboration yet. If you didn’t get to Target or early on Sunday morning, then I hate to say it but you probably missed out on your chance to own a bit of this collection (at least the best pieces). Even I had a nagging feeling that I would miss out on some of the greatness because I arrived there at 10am and not 8am when the doors opened. Imagine how quickly my heart fell into my stomach when I heard that the line had been in stores for A FEW DAYS ALREADY?! Then I really got hectic about grabbing everything I saw. I mean, I was already at least three days behind! I think it turned out okay though and I got everything I would have wanted, but I am still just kind of really pissed off that it was advertised that the line would be released on Sunday and the stores didn’t follow that protocol. I don’t live near enough to a Target to pop over there anytime I want so I feel a bit cheated. But I am getting over it, bit by bit, every time I put on a new article of clothing :)

Wanna see what I got? Only if you promise not to get jealous or break into my closet!

This dress is cuteness perfected.

So is this one.

Exquisite. So pretty.

I can be found in this dress on NYE.

I got this dress in a cream colour, but they didn’t show it online at Target.

So cool and ethereal. Though I must say I despise the yellow top paired with it.

This top is way more fantastic in person (bikini not included).

Wore this today – tons of compliments!

I got this cardi in nude. Again they didn’t show it online.


I bought this one with my sister in mind but fully prepared to keep it for myself if she didn’t fancy it. But of course she loved it because I am her personal shopper and I never steer her wrong. However, I did negotiate visitation rights.

*Disclaimer: I will not be seen wearing any of these items with the biker boots shown in the photos above. No one asked me how to style the clothing, obviously.*

Thanks Target (pronounced: tarjay) for all the phots!

M(mmmmm) Missoni

Yes, another Missoni post. So sue me!

Leggings and hot pants from shopbop, oh my!

Anthropology vs. Anthropologie

Remember a few days ago when I posted about the cute books at Anthropologie? Guess who got a couple of them for her last night of Chanukah present?? You’re damn right it was me! I also received a super sweet hour glass. It is so pretty and will look nice with all of my other trinkets and touch-me-nots. Great addition. AND that’s not it. The wrapping of the present, in and of itself, was a gift. And by this I mean: fabulous ribbon (A gift for your gift.). I have a ribbon collection and this particular bow is going straight into it. Now let me relate all of this bragging about materialism back to the title of my post: all of these things were either purchased at, or courtesy of Anthropologie. Now my question is, why can’t anthropology be as fun and interesting as Anthropologie?

If I pooped gold bars they’d look like Pepto Bismol.

So I’m really into interior design, but not in the way that makes me a pretentious person. I don’t know a damn thing about colour theory, proportions or spacing in a room, and I get overwhelmed at the idea of creating a beautiful, cohesive scene from scratch. But I do enjoy and appreciate interiors that catch my eye and intrigue me for no particular reason other than it just clicks with my brain. Sometimes I am drawn to very minimalist looks with hardly any colour present, and other times I love a cluttered (but well orchestrated) mess. I often go spastic over one particular item, like a floor lamp or pillow, but then chicken out on purchasing it for my own living space for fear that it would not have the same appeal once placed in my existing surroundings. Well that fear and the fact that my objects of desire are generally unaffordable.

I recently discovered a blog that satisfies my hunger for exquisite design called The Selby. For those of you wondering, yes I do live under a rock and am embarrassed for not finding this blog sooner. And for those of you who are still clueless, The Selby (aka Todd Selby) is a blogger who photographs famous/semi-famous people in their homes, work environments, or any type of living space and conducts a cute little written interview and then posts everything on the blog. The photographs have an artistic touch, of course, and the interiors are totally drool worthy. And if they are not drool worthy, then Todd uses his natural flair for making a dump look chic.

Now that I have rambled, I will share the interior that I am currently obsessing over!

I am not one of those girls that goes nuts over anything and everything pink, but I do appreciate a well used splash of it here and there. This is more like a well used explosion of it, but it totally works! It just does. See how literate I am about my love for interior design? Such expressive use of words! Please note that not just the walls, but the floor as well, is pink and that the rug looks stupid good in that room.

Usually black and pink are the antithesis of everything that I think is pretty (oh, hey, Avril Lavigne and stupid skater shoes), but again, in this context it just works. And as for the clutter…I think that as long as each individual item that comprises your clutter as a whole is fabulous, then once it all comes together it’s impossible not to have a chic clutter conglomerate. That has got to be the trick. I’m suuuure of it.

Classy details are the best.

Survey: Would I achieve the same effect if I started storing my shoes in glass boxes?

This checkered throw is a huge curiosity to me: was its presence in the pink room thought out, or accidental? Did the eye of a professional designer seek it out and place it ever so perfectly on the arm of the sofa? Or was it thoughtlessly brought into the pink room simply because an occupant was cold one day and then it just never got put away? Whatever the rhyme or reason, it is little touches like this blue and white checked throw that break up the gross amounts of pink in this room and make everything okay. Better than okay, actually.

Whoever thought to include the radiator when painting the walls is a genius and I applaud thee.

Thank you The Selby, for making me pester my landlord to allow me to paint my room.