All I want for Christmas…

…is the new Longchamp x Jeremy Scott bag at Colette. OMG, so awesome. I’ve missed out on all the previous collaborations between Longchamp and Jeremy Scott (due to me not pooping gold bars) and I will be so bummed if this one slips between my fingers as well. Will someone please poop me out a gold bar??

…is Burberry’s Snap Front Classic Quilted Jacket. One of my BFF’s Celeste (the founder of the Missoni headband I posted about (and now own, BTW)) has this jacket in navy blue and the first time I saw her wearing it, I was shocked that such a classic piece could look appropriate on such a pretty young lady (i.e. Celeste looked chic, not frumpy). I want, ahem, rather…NEED it in red.

…is this totally fabulous but really understated Givenchy bag. Allow me to expand… The shape of the Nightingale bag is brilliant; do you notice how it is wider at the top than at the bottom and the zipper extends allllll the way to the corners? I’d imagine this was done on purpose, so that you are able to open that baby up wide and see all the goodies you have stashed inside. There is nothing I hate more than using a purse that I can’t see all the way inside of because it doesn’t open wide enough. The other thing I love about the Nightingale bag is the simple geometric design that breaks up the size of the bag but doesn’t clutter the overall aesthetic. The handles are another plus: tejus lizard is the material, short is the length, and chic is the combination! And this work of art comes equipped with a removable shoulder strap. Form and function!

…is Lanvin’s Ribbon Pom Pom Pump. These don’t need much explanation. Are they not the perfect party shoe? Hmmm?? In addition to being the perfect party shoe, they are the perfect date-night shoe, sassy work outfit shoe, girls night out shoe…blah blah blah. Wear them everywhere, is what I’m trying to say. But practice walking in them before leaving the house. These babies are tall.

…is…A GOLD BAR! Enter Stage Right: Vintage Chanel Gold Bar Clutch. There really has never been a more perfect gift for the editor-in-chief, fashion editor, style director, photo editor, and art director of a blog pertaining to pooping gold bars. Has there??

Unfortunately, this Chanel clutch rings up at a whopping $4,180, so I think I have a better of chance of pinching off a gold nugget than I do of ever owning it.


3 responses to “All I want for Christmas…

  1. LOVE it. if i pooped gold bars i would buy you some of it. i dont though. sorry.

  2. ya celestial is super chic. and i thought tejas lizard was your nickname for me?

  3. AH-MAZ-ING list! Lurve the shout outs homeskills! Lanvin hells are phenomenal and I hope to one day be able to shop there as I covet the sky blue Lanvin box… le sigh. One day when I birth gold bars (ala Bella style with renesme) I will use this site as my Hillary shopping list….. one day :)

    Thanks zatch! u are super chic with your woot shirts as well!

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