I would wear Missoni every day.

I would also probably change my outfit five times a day because I’d have so many fabulous things to don, but whatever. My point is: I love Missoni. As you all know, Missoni (aka Mi$$oni) is expensive, so I am always on the lookout for affordable (kinda) accessories from the line that posses the same colorful prints and carefree vibe. I have just discovered my next must-have accessory from the fashion house thanks to a tip-off from my dear friend Celeste (wanna buy it for me too??). It’s this awesome boho-chic headband that she found on the Intermix website.

I already have a smattering of Missoni scarves (thank you, Santa) but I would love to add this headband to my collection as a source of variety. I adore my scarves, but with this headband I would acquire a year-round accessory. So even though it is a $105 headband, it’s quite practical, you see.*

Am I convincing you? Because I’m convincing myself!

Missoni Headband

*Year-round wearability = practicality


One response to “I would wear Missoni every day.

  1. you should get one

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