These will be so fly.

Babies, Mary-Kate and Ashley are doing sunglasses!!! Who’s excited?! *raises hand*

I don’t think I’ve addressed my fondness for these two yet, so allow me to do so: I’m fond of them. I don’t want to sound like some Olsen Twin Freak, but like, seriously, everything they touch turns to gold. Suuuure there was that one movie set in NY that was really awkward to watch and tanked at the box office, but does that even matter when you have already made a billion dollars by the time you’re 18? Not really. Anyways, what’s admirable about these glamour pusses is their killer work ethic, innate business savvy, and their independent minds when it comes to fashion and art. I really admire their two lines, The Row and Elizabeth and James, and you should too. They have recently extended the scope of their design realm by introducing menswear, jewelry, shoes, and now sunglasses. I’m confident that their previous success can attest to the calibur that their sunnies will surely reach. Check out this WWD article for more deets on the new venture, which will be an addition to their high-end line, The Row.

The Row Aviators

The Row Round

The Row Square

The Row Vintage

I’m totes gonna need the round ones. Or maybe the vintage-y ones…or possibly the aviators, or…


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