I would spend millions on tights.

I first fell in love with Bebaroque hosiery on a blustery afternoon in London. I was escaping the weather in my favorite weather escaping place, Liberty of London (I dieeee I miss it so much) when the amputated mannequin legs on display caught my eye. The plaster skin of a half dozen gams was covered in sumptuous colors and adorned with bows, embroidery, sequins and studs. Again, I dieeeee. This, my friends, was my introduction to Bebaroque. After wiping the drool from my chin I went forward and tentatively reached out my hand  to touch the cheekily adorned legs. A second later I was full on stroking the mannequin limbs from thigh to toe.

Since no one had tried to escort me from the store yet, I began pilfering through the packages to find my size. But I came across the price tag instead…GAAAAHHHH! And it was in GBP, folks! GBP = Great Big Poundage (otherwise known as the British currency).

Anyways, here for your viewing pleasure, and my wishful thinking, some photos:






P.S. They make BODYSUITS too. This one is risque, but so pretty.



2 responses to “I would spend millions on tights.

  1. I don’t get what is risque about that naked “body suit”?? When you some of those leggings, you should totally cut the rest of your body off as to accentuate the leggings.

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