Herve Ledger makes me wanna work out.

And trust me, that is a huge feat. I hate to sound insensitive, but there is just no other way to wear the infamously body-conscious designs from this revamped line of 1980’s fame. It’s okay to be shapely and dress your curves in Herve Leger. Totally fine. Actually, curvaceous women look downright banging in Herve Leger (see: Beyonce)… but if you are lumpy? No. A big, fat, look-like-you-stuffed-yourself-into-a-sausage-casing-NO. The wearer of an iconic bandage dress must be svelte and smooth, something that might only be attainable by types of women who are  paid to look good (No, not hookers. Actresses, models, and fitness instructors, oh my!). However, that’s not to say that it isn’t worth us normal girls trying. Just keep in mind that once you look good enough to wear an Herve Leger piece, you probably still won’t be able to afford one.

Herve Leger 2010RSTHerve Leger 2010RST2Herve Leger 2010RST3Herve Leger 2010RST4


One response to “Herve Ledger makes me wanna work out.

  1. BRILLIANT post again Hill! My diet starts tomorrow for me to fit into the diet inspiring Herve Leger.

    OH and please tag the attached link pertaining to Hookers not being allowed to wear Herve Leger..http://everyceleb.com/image/getLargeWM/000000108625/Blake-Lively-wearing-an-Herve-Leger-dress

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