I would have a little fun.

Where The Wild Things Are is coming out soon…I want to see it so bad. The thing I want to do second most badly though is romp around in a furry animal suit just like Max’s. And if I pooped gold bars I would be doing that right now, because Opening Ceremony has created just such a suit.I’m never going to romp around in it though, because it costs a hefty $610. Oh, and all the other Wild Things out there that actually do poop gold bars have already snatched it up! Sold out.

Where The Wild Things Are

On to my next idea for a little fun…

A Cupcake Car. I don’t feel that I need to say much about this.  The only thing better than eating your cupcake is having it too!

Cupcake Car


3 responses to “I would have a little fun.

  1. granny might be able to fabricate up one of those suits, and i bet my dad can put his glasshold mind to work on those cupcakecars…

  2. i need that costume.

  3. I plan on visiting the Opening Ceremony in NYC so I can romp around in said outfit….. right after I drool over Chloe Sevigny’s Multi Buckle Booties.

    And I would only drive around in those cupcakes if they were funfetti……. and edible…. NOM NOM NOM!

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