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I would wear Missoni every day.

I would also probably change my outfit five times a day because I’d have so many fabulous things to don, but whatever. My point is: I love Missoni. As you all know, Missoni (aka Mi$$oni) is expensive, so I am always on the lookout for affordable (kinda) accessories from the line that posses the same colorful prints and carefree vibe. I have just discovered my next must-have accessory from the fashion house thanks to a tip-off from my dear friend Celeste (wanna buy it for me too??). It’s this awesome boho-chic headband that she found on the Intermix website.

I already have a smattering of Missoni scarves (thank you, Santa) but I would love to add this headband to my collection as a source of variety. I adore my scarves, but with this headband I would acquire a year-round accessory. So even though it is a $105 headband, it’s quite practical, you see.*

Am I convincing you? Because I’m convincing myself!

Missoni Headband

*Year-round wearability = practicality


These will be so fly.

Babies, Mary-Kate and Ashley are doing sunglasses!!! Who’s excited?! *raises hand*

I don’t think I’ve addressed my fondness for these two yet, so allow me to do so: I’m fond of them. I don’t want to sound like some Olsen Twin Freak, but like, seriously, everything they touch turns to gold. Suuuure there was that one movie set in NY that was really awkward to watch and tanked at the box office, but does that even matter when you have already made a billion dollars by the time you’re 18? Not really. Anyways, what’s admirable about these glamour pusses is their killer work ethic, innate business savvy, and their independent minds when it comes to fashion and art. I really admire their two lines, The Row and Elizabeth and James, and you should too. They have recently extended the scope of their design realm by introducing menswear, jewelry, shoes, and now sunglasses. I’m confident that their previous success can attest to the calibur that their sunnies will surely reach. Check out this WWD article for more deets on the new venture, which will be an addition to their high-end line, The Row.

The Row Aviators

The Row Round

The Row Square

The Row Vintage

I’m totes gonna need the round ones. Or maybe the vintage-y ones…or possibly the aviators, or…

I would spend millions on tights.

I first fell in love with Bebaroque hosiery on a blustery afternoon in London. I was escaping the weather in my favorite weather escaping place, Liberty of London (I dieeee I miss it so much) when the amputated mannequin legs on display caught my eye. The plaster skin of a half dozen gams was covered in sumptuous colors and adorned with bows, embroidery, sequins and studs. Again, I dieeeee. This, my friends, was my introduction to Bebaroque. After wiping the drool from my chin I went forward and tentatively reached out my hand  to touch the cheekily adorned legs. A second later I was full on stroking the mannequin limbs from thigh to toe.

Since no one had tried to escort me from the store yet, I began pilfering through the packages to find my size. But I came across the price tag instead…GAAAAHHHH! And it was in GBP, folks! GBP = Great Big Poundage (otherwise known as the British currency).

Anyways, here for your viewing pleasure, and my wishful thinking, some photos:






P.S. They make BODYSUITS too. This one is risque, but so pretty.


Herve Ledger makes me wanna work out.

And trust me, that is a huge feat. I hate to sound insensitive, but there is just no other way to wear the infamously body-conscious designs from this revamped line of 1980’s fame. It’s okay to be shapely and dress your curves in Herve Leger. Totally fine. Actually, curvaceous women look downright banging in Herve Leger (see: Beyonce)… but if you are lumpy? No. A big, fat, look-like-you-stuffed-yourself-into-a-sausage-casing-NO. The wearer of an iconic bandage dress must be svelte and smooth, something that might only be attainable by types of women who are  paid to look good (No, not hookers. Actresses, models, and fitness instructors, oh my!). However, that’s not to say that it isn’t worth us normal girls trying. Just keep in mind that once you look good enough to wear an Herve Leger piece, you probably still won’t be able to afford one.

Herve Leger 2010RSTHerve Leger 2010RST2Herve Leger 2010RST3Herve Leger 2010RST4

I would have a little fun.

Where The Wild Things Are is coming out soon…I want to see it so bad. The thing I want to do second most badly though is romp around in a furry animal suit just like Max’s. And if I pooped gold bars I would be doing that right now, because Opening Ceremony has created just such a suit.I’m never going to romp around in it though, because it costs a hefty $610. Oh, and all the other Wild Things out there that actually do poop gold bars have already snatched it up! Sold out.

Where The Wild Things Are

On to my next idea for a little fun…

A Cupcake Car. I don’t feel that I need to say much about this.  The only thing better than eating your cupcake is having it too!

Cupcake Car