Ew, Chris Benz. Ew.

Do you want to see a simple way to ruin a potentially adorable, fabulous, and perfectly sweet dress? If so, you will have to click here because I refuse to put an image of such an atrocity on my blog. Look at the additional views. Look at just how precious this dress could have been. The back, the flared skirt, the cap sleeve…notice that is not a plural sleeveS. Because Chris Benz went and CUT OFF one of the sleeves. WTF? Really?? I get the whole “one armed look”, I do. A lot of the time I don’t prefer it, but it can be nice and I usually don’t care one way or the other, but this is just insulting. It’s like Chris Benz created The Best Dress Ever and then thought, “You know what? I’m gonna snip some of this material heeeeere and totally EFF up the look of The Best Dress Ever just to see how many suckers will still buy The Best Dress ever  because it has my name on it.” Insulting Chris, insulting. Don’t undermine your talent like that. Or the support of your faithful followers. Would it have killed you to keep the sleeve?

If you (for some god forsaken reason) DO like the look of this dress, you can probably find it on heavy clearance sometime in December.


One response to “Ew, Chris Benz. Ew.

  1. moar updates!

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