These Babies Are Faboosh

Juicy Booties

My mom would hate them. My sister would hate them. My dad, my aunt, and your third cousin would all hate them. My BFF Connie might like them, but she’d never wear them. Me? Love ’em. They would add 4.5 inches to my height, people! I wouldn’t have to carry around a step ladder to kiss my boyfriend! I would be able to reach the top filing cabinet! And they’re a sturdy platform so I wouldn’t fall down (more than once a day) walking in them!

I’m envisioning them in winter with black tights and a somewhat girly, possibly frilly, definitely long-sleeved, black dress. It would be a monochromatic contrast of bold and sweet; heavy and soft. You would love it. Wait, no… you probably wouldn’t. But just in case, here you go.


2 responses to “These Babies Are Faboosh

  1. yah, i don’t like them. but i can see them — for you — being stylish.

  2. even if you have 4.5 more inches with those bad boys, we still have a 8 inch gap… keep the step ladder just in case.

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