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Ew, Chris Benz. Ew.

Do you want to see a simple way to ruin a potentially adorable, fabulous, and perfectly sweet dress? If so, you will have to click here because I refuse to put an image of such an atrocity on my blog. Look at the additional views. Look at just how precious this dress could have been. The back, the flared skirt, the cap sleeve…notice that is not a plural sleeveS. Because Chris Benz went and CUT OFF one of the sleeves. WTF? Really?? I get the whole “one armed look”, I do. A lot of the time I don’t prefer it, but it can be nice and I usually don’t care one way or the other, but this is just insulting. It’s like Chris Benz created The Best Dress Ever and then thought, “You know what? I’m gonna snip some of this material heeeeere and totally EFF up the look of The Best Dress Ever just to see how many suckers will still buy The Best Dress ever ┬ábecause it has my name on it.” Insulting Chris, insulting. Don’t undermine your talent like that. Or the support of your faithful followers. Would it have killed you to keep the sleeve?

If you (for some god forsaken reason) DO like the look of this dress, you can probably find it on heavy clearance sometime in December.


These Babies Are Faboosh

Juicy Booties

My mom would hate them. My sister would hate them. My dad, my aunt, and your third cousin would all hate them. My BFF Connie might like them, but she’d never wear them. Me? Love ’em. They would add 4.5 inches to my height, people! I wouldn’t have to carry around a step ladder to kiss my boyfriend! I would be able to reach the top filing cabinet! And they’re a sturdy platform so I wouldn’t fall down (more than once a day) walking in them!

I’m envisioning them in winter with black tights and a somewhat girly, possibly frilly, definitely long-sleeved, black dress. It would be a monochromatic contrast of bold and sweet; heavy and soft. You would love it. Wait, no… you probably wouldn’t. But just in case, here you go.

…then I wouldn’t be writing this blog.

Therefore, I do not poop gold bars. Pennies, at best. And we all know that’s a lie too. So let me fill you in on one of my absolute FAVE go-to’s for affordable and totally fly clothes: Target’s GO International line. Seriously, it’s a godsend. Target routinely signs on famed and acclaimed high fashion designers from all over the world to design a limited edition range of clothing. Brilliant. You’ve got to believe me when I tell you I get more compliments on my Target finds than I do on the designer shiz I pick up at Nordi’s. And my complimenters are always SHOCKED when I tell them where it is from. This surprises me because I thought Target was a pretty obvious place, but hey, I don’t poop gold bars and I’m also not a mind reader.

So the freshest news from Target about their GO International line is that come December 20, they will be launching a new slew of pieces from sisterly design duo Rodarte. OMG EXCIIIITED!

This Women’s Wear Daily article has more deets about Target+Rodarte and mentions a leopard print jacket (which I am especially intrigued by) and holiday dresses. I’m pretty sure I know where I will get my Christmas dress this year (yes, I still get a party dress for Christmas dinner).

I played photo editor below and picked out my favorite looks from Rodarte’s Fall 2009 ready-to-wear runway show, just to give you an idea of what their line for Target might look like!