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…then I would buy Jennifer Behr’s “encrusted crystals on silk chiffon” headwrap.

When I heard that Jennifer Behr is the genius behind many of Leighton Meester’s hair accessories on Gossip Girl, I knew that this was a designer I needed to follow. Jennifer Behr’s creations range from headbands that would rock any night out, to elegantly designed bridal headpieces. I love them all, especially this headwrap.

 Jennifer Behr headwrap

The ornate crystals are lovely and I think its brilliant that JennJenn thought to lay them on a bed of silk, which will be more friendly to the delicate tresses on my bonny head than the crystals alone. Also, the cream coloured silk will be the perfect compliment to my auburn hair. 

Unfortunately, I think I’ll have to pass on making this purchase, as my hair may not be this color for long. It has nothing to do with the fact that I don’t poop gold bars and it rings up a price tag of nearly $600. Nothing at all.


…then I would buy Zoe Chicco’s Braid Ring.

Zoe Chicco Braid RingIt was love at first sight on my birthday last year when my too-sweet-for-words boyfriend gave me my first piece of Zoe Chicco jewelry. You would think he gave me Pandora’s Box by how instantly obsessed I became with the designer. The great thing about Zoe Chicco is that her pieces are simple enough to wear every day if you choose, yet beautiful and unique enough that everyone will know you’ve got something special on.

The Braid Ring embodies these qualities and throws in a bold shape that screams “statement piece!” Now don’t be afraid of statement pieces, kids. They are valuable weapons to have in your armory when topping off a simple outfit and this one makes sure that the job is quick and painless. Available in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and silver, there is a metal for every occasion or personal preference. While the silver version comes at a fraction of the cost, I’ll point out that should you go for gold, the frequent wearability of this piece means the cost per wear would yield an equally low price. That’s something to think about these days when you want to get your money’s worth out of everything. Or maybe, just maybe, HE wants to get HIS money’s worth…

…then I would buy Stuart Weitzman’s 5050 boots.

Stuart Weitzman 5050 bootI first spied these boots last winter on a glamorous, leggy blonde in Harrods. After following her around the store just long enough to memorize every fabulous detail of the boot, but not long enough to get a security escort out, I promptly went home and scoured the internet until I found the right match: Stuart Weitzman’s 5050 boot. I am shocked that I fell so deeply in love with this boot as I typically generate towards taller, flashier (some would say ‘trashier’) items, and this shoe is anything but that. It is timeless and classic, yet definitely not boring, and oh so beautiful. I can attest to these attributes because even my mom (who is the epitome of class) was impressed when I sent her the link to them. This season, Stuie graciously brought them back AND I STILL WANT THEM. However, I think I’d have to sell one of my kidney’s to afford these boots. But hey, that’s why we have 2, right?

You can find these works of art here.

Bloomingdales also offers a slightly different version known as “Reserve”. It has a 1.5″ heel, as opposed to the 5050’s 1″ and also comes in black suede. My opinion of that though is YUCK. Go for the leather. To see Reserve for yourself, click fabulous.

And to my loved ones who might be reading this…size 7.